Greater Manchester Police have today launched an initiative to tweet each incoming call to GMP headquarters. The results are astonishing!! While many calls seem worthwhile of pressing 9 three times, some seem ridiculous and you wonder if the same people ring over and over with the most minor of complaints.

The funniest I saw today was reports of a ‘man dangling a baby over a bridge’. Police rushed to the scene to find it was a dog being carried over the bridge by its owner as the poor dog was scared of bridges!!

What the intiative highlights is not only the high influx of calls (some reasonable, others not) that GMP has to cope with each day, but also how social media can reach out to the masses and increase awareness. Hopefully the campaign will make the public realise firstly the volumes of calls the police must cope with but also the power of social media.

Follow the tweets at @gmp24_1, #gmp24