I’m writing this blog as I feel there is nothing else I can do!! I’m cut off from civilisation and I feel soooo lonely. Ok this may seem like an exaggeration, but having had no internet for 6 days due to a house move and the actions of a certain British Telecoms company, this is exactly how I feel!! Our world is now online. It’s where our friends, neighbours, family, colleagues, clients, potential customers, and almost everyone we know, is! You never feel this more than when you are cut off from it.

Our world is so technological now, if you’re not online engaging with people through social media, you’re left way behind and, let’s face it, missing out on a lot of fun! I miss my Twitter friends! I might never have met them, but I still miss them! Such is the level of engagement and relationships you can build up online.

By the time this makes it online, I’ll be back in the real world. Because this is where the real world is now! Don’t be left in the ‘old’ world. Get on social media and start understanding the potential this has!

(Still no internet – uploaded from Blackberry, the only thing allowing me a connection to the real world!)