By now you may well be aware of the troubles I have had recently moving my phone line and broadband over to my new home. The frustration of being cut off was definitely profound. This situation wasn’t assisted by the fact that BT had not actually placed the order through to the engineer stage and it had sat ignored.

Well, the frustration lead me to write the following tweet: ‘Argh BT, I will never use you again. U don’t have the lead in the mkt to b this rubbish. Order didn’t go thru. Why the hell not????’

Within minutes @BTCare had tweeted the following reply: ‘Not good, email me the order details and your twitter ID to and I’ll look into this’.

I immediately felt a new found respect for BT. Someone was taking an interest in my frustration and wanted to take action to remove this frustration. Further, all my followers had seen how frustrated I was with BT, which they knew would be damaging to them. Therefore, their searches immediately highlighted to them my tweet and allowed them to protect their reputation.

Who’s talking about you on Twitter for the world to see and damaging your reputation without you knowing?