Twitter has a bad name for being a portal for people to let each other know what they are eating! Talk to 10 people who aren’t on twitter, and I’m sure at least one will say “I don’t care what people are having for their dinner”!

I know I might be a little controversial here but, I do want to know!!! We are living in a voyeuristic world. That’s why Facebook has grown so rapidly – we love being nosy! Admit it, there’s some people on Facebook who you can’t wait to upload an album of their recent night out, their new born baby, or their sunshine holiday. People love having a nosy into other people’s lives!

Which is why I think there is nothing wrong with people tweeting what they are having for dinner! It gives us a great insight into their lives – beans on toast (no time or no money?!), roast dinner (traditionalist!), pizza (hungover (if you’re me anyway!)), or potato and halloumi bake (Nigella fanatic!).

Don’t underestimate the power of the foodie tweet!!!