Having only been awake for a few minutes this morning, just after 7am, I heard a huuuuge explosion. In my still sleepy state I thought little of it.

I knew it must have been something major when my sister-in-law, who lives 6 miles from us, text to ask if we’d heard the explosion and if we had any idea what it was.

I put on the news channels – no news. I went on the news websites – nothing. So I thought I’d give twitter a go. Sure enough there was the confirmation – a gas explosion down the road to us in Irlam, Salford.

This blog is to commend the work of @insidetheM60 who were right up-to-date with all the information, minute by minute that got us through a distressing morning, expecting to hear saddening news that thankfully ended with no fatalities.

If you live in Manchester, I would highly recommend following @insidetheM60 on twitter to keep very up-to-date with Manc goings on. Thoughts go to all those affected in Irlam.