One of the often overlooked aspects of Twitter that is fantastic for creating a following based on exactly who you need to sell to, is the bio.  Those 160 characters can tell you so much and help you find exactly who you need to be following you.

Imagine you have products aimed at new mums, then why not engage with those highlighting that they are expecting in their bio, or highlight their love for newborn mini-me.  What if you target football fans?  Just search for all the premier league clubs and I guarantee you’ll find them mentioned thousands of times over in bios across the country.  Business to business?  Look for MDs of the types of industries you would like to work with.

Those few words about that tweeter opens us up to so much more than click-through-rates or newspaper reader statistics could ever give us!  They allow you to understand exactly whether this is someone you need to be engaging with.

So, take heed of bios. And, on the flipside, take heed of your own bio! What does your bio say about you? Someone people want to engage with?  Someone people want to avoid?  Someone who only talks about their business and not about them, and is therefore expected to be nothing more than a salesman?! Spend time on getting yours right!!  Do not leave BLANK! Those 160 words will go a long way!