This week Jason Manford stepped down from his ‘big break’ position as presenter of The One Show. This came just days after it was revealed he had flirted with several women on Twitter.

Jason Manford was a prolific Twitter user, topping Twitter Grader’s rankings for Manchester week-by-week. Yet now he has no Twitter presence and has lost the respect of a nation.

So, what’s the lesson we can all learn from Jason?

Much as your reputation and notoriety can be built up through social media, make the wrong move and it can be very quickly damaged, sometimes to dramatic effect.

Don’t forget, everything you put on Twitter is seen by the public. Don’t be rude or too controversial. Don’t show any discrimination. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in public. You get the picture!

Also, take note of what others are saying about you. They could be damaging your reputation for all to see online while you sit back oblivious.  Make sure you keep on top of any bad press about you or your business on Twitter and respond effectively.

Don’t become a Twitter twit!