Twitter has brought great success for some big brands. But what about the man on the street or the small business owner? Well, I decided to ask them through Twitter, LinkedIn and the 4Networking forum and here’s what I found out! Inspiring success, both business and personal.  I’m sure you’ll agree!

From Tom Stables (@tomstables): “There was a pretty awesome (non-business ) Twitter success story from James @steelcitym I followed up: A Twitter Tale” and “Was just sent this link by @AnvicNW: The Tweet Taste of Success

From @connectegrity: “This one shows how Twitter is a great source of advice: You Never Forget Your First Time” and “How Twitter, blogging, etc played part in @LindaCheungUK having dinner with Hugh Dennis: The Wash and Go Test

From Matt Guy (@mattjguy): “I got @OWBKing on Twitter and weeks later he won a Free boiler service from @garygasman.”

From Trevor Holt (@Trevor_Holt): “Within 2 wks of being on Twitter, we had a new customer through it. We are getting more and more customers now who have heard of us through Twitter”

From Brian Hawkins (@designvenue): “As a Commercial Interior designer I have connected with many people specific to my industry. I have had 3 projects which have come directly from Twitter and the leads that have been generated by people I have met are too countless to mention. What is also comforting is that I have also been able to connect other people. One lady’s house extension has just been completed by the builder I put her in contact with. I am sure there is alot more to Twitter than I have discovered, who knows how my network will build.”

From Nicky Kriel (@nickykriel): “Twitter has been fabulous for my business in the past year, other than generating traffic to my website, I have had radio interviews,  been interviewed for a Canadian podcast, run webinars, launched a Speakers Club, been quoted on Financial Mail Women’s Forum, asked to be a guest blogger several times, sold courses, met wonderful people including my partner to mention just a few things.”

From Rob Morley: “I read this news story the other day – How to make real money from Twitter! 50 Cent (or rather, Mr. Jackson) used his rather large Twitter following (about 3.8 million) to boost the share price of penny stock in a company he holds shares called H&H Imports. He tweeted to his followers on Saturday that “You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford,” and “They are no joke get it now.” He did not, however, disclose that he holds a significant amount of stock in the company.Last October, the company gave the rapper 30 million shares in return for endorsing the company’s subsidiary’s headphones, the New York Post reports.  His followers took his advice seriously and bought enough of H&H stock that the share price increased 240 percent in a day, going from 10 cents at open on Monday and hit a high of 39 cents. The increase in share price netted 50 Cent a cool $8.7 million, on paper at least.”

From Tracey Allen (@dingdongevents): “I arranged a whole wedding shoot via twitter. I found many companies who would love to have a shoot but couldn’t afford the expense on their own.  Some were companies I already tweeted with, some I found on Theos SBS. Working together we  have a cost effective photoshoot where all the companies involved benifit and promote each other on their sites. Twitter and networking can’t be beaten.”

From Andy Holt (@filmextras): “Everytime we post on our Twitter account – we make money! We’ve only got 434 followers and when we post up a new opportunity at least one of them joins the hundreds that already have accounts with us.”

From Jane Snee (@BDPs): “We have had a few orders from twitter, where someone has asked for business data or contact names and this has been forwarded by a friend – adding my twitter name to the end to alert me to the enquiry.  It is then up to me to follow up, although I truly believe without a presence, these would be lost opportunities.”

From John Nash (@officesupnorth): “I monitor tweets that include key phrases and replying to one of those tweets (from someone who we didn’t follow or have a previous relationship with) led to them calling me and I eventually found them a suitable office.  My business earned commission plus the company who tweeted in the first instance managed to find a more suitable (and cheaper!) office.”

From Louise Barson (@silverconcierge): “I’ve been making business alliances through twitter and building my profile/prescence since November 2010 – achieved FF ranking of 141 in the UK last week  so feel that my twitter strategy is working in line with my brand values.  This year alone I have had 5 meetings with suppliers that have approached me that will benefit my clients and myself. eg handyman company, independent travel agent, personal chef. I have also been able to build a relationship wth a local competitor where we now cross refer / assist each other to serve our clients and I have connections with competitors in other locations including abroad  I wouldn’t have known of most of these individuals without being active on twitter.”

From Gareth Coxon (@GarethDotDesign): “Twitter has been very useful to me and my business, but here’s one specific story: Around a year ago a client of mine tweeted a glowing testimonial about my services via Twitter, this was seen by a educational/scientific company following them. They then contacted me for a quote and info. I’ve had them as a regular client ever since.”

From Sharon Charteress (@colonynetwork): “As well as running Mood Design Solutions I also help run a not for profit networking group (The Colony Networking Group – based in Lymm. We get a lot of people attending our events have found us thorugh twitter.”

From Rebecca Armstrong (@sparkledevelop): “I was asked to write a guest blog just through followers recommending me which got me exposure to 15000 more people than i would have otherwise, that kind of free marketing is invaluable to a startup 🙂 I have also had business through it and found an accountant and a PR company through it.”

Amazing success stories!!  Twitter is impacting people’s business and personal lives everyday!  Be great to hear your Twitter success stories. Just add them to the comments below and don’t forget to include your Twitter name!