Social media is a fantastic form of marketing, there’s no doubt about that! Just this week I’ve had a client sign up who I connected with on Twitter and a meeting with a potential client who found me on LinkedIn.

But, what a lot of people forget is that marketing is all about reinforcing a message. Social media can indeed win you business. But, you need to be supporting it with a great marketing strategy to ensure your potential customers and clients are hearing about you in several different forms. Remember, it takes several exposures (not indecent ones!) before a customer takes the plunge and buys from you.

So don’t just focus on social media. Use it to connect with people you meet at networking events and those on your database. If you create a great connection on Twitter, follow it up with a phone call. Creating a great following through social media? Think about where else those people are. Do they listen to the radio? Read local papers? Attend trade events?

Those that are achieving the greatest success through social media are doing so as they are using it as part of their marketing campaign and not the be-all-and-end-all.