I’m currently working all out on a large business event in Manchester – Get Manchester Business Booming. I’m aiming for 1000 business owners to be there on the 8th June, which is no mean feat! So, social media was always going to be an integral part of getting the word out there. And it’s working!!

So here’s what that has included so far:

YouTube: There are several videos about the event on my YouTube channel. These are loaded on to websites, Facebook, and linked to on Twitter and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: I created a group ‘Get Manchester Business Booming‘ 2 weeks before tickets were available to raise interest in the event. There are currently 164 members. I have also posted about the event on other large groups in Manchester and the North West. I regularly update my LinkedIn status to include details of the event and have also sent private messages to local business owners.

Facebook: The Facebook fan page ‘Get Manchester Business Booming‘ currently has 111 fans. Recently many of these have come from a Facebook ad campaign, whereby you only pay for people who click the ad. This is targeted in a specific location and also uses profile info to target business owners. There have also been posts on several other Facebook fan pages relating to Manchester and local business.

Twitter: Of course there have been many status updates about the event, with different lead ins to encourage as many clicks as possible. The prime objective on Twitter is to get other people to talk about the event. This means setting up a hashtag (#mcrbizboom) and encouraging people to use the hashtag in their tweets. This was achieved by running a competition on Twitter. Entrants were asked to tweet a business tip with the hashtag included for a chance to win a free ticket. This really go the event out there!

So, social media really can help to drive people to an event! I will update after the event to let you know the exact success!

And if you want to come along on to Get Manchester Business Booming on the 8th June, just click here! I’ll even give you a 20% discount if you use code MB46E!