It’s time to hold my hands up and be completely honest with you….

I’m rubbish at blogging!!

Ok, ok I’ll be a bit more braver….


There I said it!!

Blogging has huuuuge benefits!  It brings people to your site, shows your expertise and allows you to engage with people and get their feedback.  I’m a big fan of reading blogs, not so big a fan of writing them!

You’ll see that I average about one blog a month.  Not good!!!  I’d love to be at least in the one blog a week team!  But for some reason it’s just something I never get done.

So….I’ve decided to kick me off on a better blogging path, that for the month of September I will blog every single day!!!  I won’t even miss a weekend!  After that, how hard can blogging once a week be!!

So, from 1st September please look out for my daily blogs!  And please comment on them and let me know your thoughts!

And if you’re wondering where I got the idea for the 30 day blog challenge from, check out this TED talk from Matt Cutts: