The weekend is here (and I’m still blogging! So far so good!!)!

So, should you be using social media in the same way you would be during week days?

It certainly seems there is a drop in Twitter activity at the weekend, as parents treat their kids to days out and busy week workers take the weight off for a couple off days.

The result is that if you do post on these days, there is certainly less noise diluting your message.  But, the flip side of that is there is less of an audience for your message too.  And posting business related tweets on a weekend is 1. going to make people think you have no life beyond your business and 2. annoy them that your disturbing their weekend social media fun with updates that belong on a Monday!

So, here’s what I suggest.  Yes absolutely keep updating social media over the weekend, but keep it lighthearted.  No one wants to be sold to on a Sunday.  Instead the weekend offers many opportunities to get some great personal updates in and raise conversations with others with similar passions.

Heading out for a walk?  Put it out there on Twitter and ask if anyone else is freshening their work-logged lungs with a vigorous ramble!  Off to watch the football?  Well so are thousands and thousands of others!  Get a bit of football banter going!  The weekend really is your opportunity to engage and build relationships through social media.

This certainly doesn’t apply to all businesses though.  For example, if you’re a bar or restaurant the weekend is likely to be your prime time and you need to be encouraging thirsty and hungry revellers to cross your door.  Or if you have a children’s adventure centre, look out for tweets from parents wondering what to do with their kids that day.

Enjoy your weekend and make some noise!!