It’s great to update your followers and connections with information that will be useful to them.  But do you find yourself spending ages scouring the net or checking the blogs saved in your favourite folder for new great content?

How about following some great industry experts and leaders?  They often post their own blogs on social media, and by following them on Twitter you’ll know when they’ve got more great stuff that you can share with your connections.  Create a list on Twitter called ‘useful content’ and add those users to the list to quickly find their tweets.

When you do come across a great blog, rather than add it to favourites, subscribe to it so you are alerted to new blog posts.  This saves you the hassle of going through all your favourites to find new posts.  I use Google Reader to read all my blog posts.

Finally, there are some great websites that will find content for you. has categorised blog and news articles from all over the web. It’s a great place to go to search for new updates in your chosen category.

And, if all else fails, write your own blog and get that out there!!!