Facebook pages have this nifty little option for you to use Facebook as your fan page.  You’ll find this option if you are an admin of the page, to the right-hand side under ‘Admins’.

This option allows you to post on Facebook as your page rather than as your personal profile.  This is great for engaging with potential customers.  You can like other pages as your page, comment on them and respond to others’ posts.

This not only allows you to engage with others but also drives people back to your page, which will help to build up your own fanbase.

For example, companies involved with football could post on the pages of football clubs, responding to others’ posts and adding their own opinions.  This would drive traffic back to their own football-related page.  If you a local B2B business, you could business related pages in your area, such as local networking groups.  If you were a bar running student offers, you could comment on student pages.

One word of warning!  Don’t go on to other business pages and start selling your own products and services.  There is one word for this type of activity – SPAM!!

If you’re not sure what the difference is between a Facebook page and profile, give me a shout!