Ok, let’s play Family Fortunes!  Name something associated with the Virgin Group. Richard Branson. Name something associated with Microsoft.  Bill Gates. Name something associated with Sam Flynn Social Media.  Sam Flynn.

Ok so maybe the last one isn’t about to appear on Family Fortunes!!

My point is that the first thing someone is likely to associate with a business is a person from that business.  Someone they’ve interacted with or heard about.

And yet so many people set up their Twitter account with their business name and company logo.  How often do you associate a logo with a small company?  I’m imagining very rarely!!  Wouldn’t you rather connect with a smiling happy face?!

Twitter is all about being social and building great relationships.  It’s about putting across some personality so that people feel a level of connection to you. It’s about engaging with people.

You wouldn’t answer the phone without stating who you were (and if you did it would only be a matter of time before the person at the other end asked who they were speaking to!).  So why have only your company name on your Twitter account and not the person doing the tweeting?!

Similarly, you wouldn’t walk in to a networking situation with your logo covering your face.  So why hide behind it in your Twitter account?

I know the business I have won through Twitter has come about predominantly by people feeling like they know Sam Flynn and that they want to work with her.  I truly believe I wouldn’t have had the same success if I’d hidden behind a logo and a company name.  After all, there’s nothing social or engaging about connecting with a logo!

I’ve also advised many small businesses to change from their logo to their own picture, and they’ve found a dramatic increase in following.

I agree, for some larger businesses, a company Twitter account with logo is worthwhile in managing customer service and increasing brand awareness.  But for smaller companies, the brand is you!  You are the point of contact and the reason people want to do business with you.  I would still advise larger companies to also have a personal presence from key employees, but that’s another blog for another time!!

So, be brave, be bold and be you!!!  And see what a difference it makes to your Twitter success.