Social media can become so second nature, we sometimes need to check ourselves for what we’re putting out there for all to see.

So, here are the 7 things you might want to think about before clicking send!

1. If you won’t say it out loud, don’t say it online!

It can sometimes feel a lot easier to say things that come from your fingertips than from your mouth.  But make sure you just consider, would you be comfortable saying that out loud to a room full of people?  If you wouldn’t then don’t say it online!

2. Are you inebriated?

You may laugh, but so many people have a few glasses of wine/pints of beer and then jump on Twitter ready to be social!  Well, just like you’ll get loose-lipped, you’ll also get loose-fingered!  Like drunken texts you might send out, you may find yourself cringing at what you’ve posted the next day!  Only, unlike a text, that update has potentially been seen by tens, hundreds or thousands of people!!  Maybe it’s time to put social media down when you pick the glass up!

3. You can’t be interesting to everyone all of the time

If you tried to be interesting to ALL of your followers all of the time, you’d probably never be able to post!!! Imagine for instance that football is one of your hobbies but that you worry about discussing it in case some of your followers don’t like football.  You’d never be able to put across your views and who you are.  Feel free to post about your hobbies as you’re probably going to get some really interesting conversations going with those with the same interest.  And you may even start some great discussions and banter with those who don’t!

4. Are you boring?!

Yes it’s definitely true that you can’t be interesting to everyone all of the time.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be boring!!  If all you ever talk about is football, you’ll quickly lose followers who have no interest (and even some who do!) in football.  Similarly, if you only ever post sales messages, you’ll find yourself running low on connections!  Mix it up!  There’s loads of different types of post you can be putting out there on social media so vary it.

5. Do you know what you’re posting?

It can be easy to fall in to the quick post trap.  You haven’t got much time so you quickly post a link you’ve seen someone else post.  But have you read the article?  Do you know what it’s about?  Do you agree with its content?  It’s really important you know what you are posting and that you agree with its sentiment.  And if someone responds to your post, you’re able to engage in conversation with them about it  knowing what the content is.

6. Can you really schedule that?

If you don’t have time to be on social media throughout the day and are only able to get on there at 6 in the morning, it might be worth scheduling a few messages.  But can you really schedule the post?  Is it timeless or dependent on when it is posted?  As a rule of thumb, never schedule a post that discusses the weather!  Unfortunately we all know how changeable that can be!!  And don’t schedule a message asking a question when you are not going to be able to respond to answers for several hours.

7. Are you angry or upset?

Humans are highly emotional beings.  It’s just how we operate.  And others can occasionally make us either really angry or really upset!  Your first reaction shouldn’t be to poor your heart out on social media.  Imagine for instance if you’ve completely misinterpreted a situation, and rant about someone through social media who then explains themselves.  It is too late to take back your negative posts.  Try and gain a solution to highly emotional issues before posting on social media.

But, overall, just be you!!! Don’t over think your updates, just check yourself before you click that button and can never take it back!