Millions of business owners and professionals now recognise the importance of being on LinkedIn.  It’s a great platform for connecting professionals with professionals.

So, if someone is searching for what you have to offer on LinkedIn, are they finding you?  Here’s a few ways to make your profile more visible!

1. Have a good headline!

The headline is the sentence that sits beneath your name on your profile.  If you don’t update this, it will simply state the position you currently hold.  But you can edit this to state whatever you want it to!  So get your keywords in there to help people find you!

2. Change your website name

You’ll see on so many profiles ‘personal website’ or ‘company website’ but you can actually change the wording to call it whatever you want to!!  Give a great lead in that also includes your keywords again!  All you have to do is edit the website, choose other from the drop down menu and title the website.  Also think about where you are sending people to.  Is there a great article you can send them to on your website rather than your home page.  Do you have some brilliant tips?  You can add up to 3 websites so fill all 3 with different pages from your website, your blog or your Facebook page.

3. Your summary

Your summary should give people a brief synopsis of how you can help them.  So fill it with your keywords!!!  Unless you’re looking for a job, don’t use it to summarise your career.  Instead talk about your business and what you offer.

4. Your experience

So many people state their experience without filling in the details.  Again this is a great opportunity to add in your keywords, especially if your previous experience relates to what you now offer within your business.  Fill out each role within your experience.  Give the details of what you did within that role.  And for your current position talk about how you are helping your customers.  And make it keyword heavy!!!

People are searching for service providers on LinkedIn.  So make sure, when they search your keywords, they find you!