Now there’s no secret to the fact I love social media!  It’s won me business, contacts and friends.

But, there’s definitely more to life!!  And there’s definitely more to marketing!

Social media should sit in your marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in it.  The more people hear about you, the higher the likelihood of them buying from you.  And social media is perfect for complementing all the other marketing you are doing.

Imagine the scenario!  You send a contact a piece of direct mail via ye-olde snail mail.  They go to your website as a result and take a look round.  They fill in your data capture form and are added to your database.  They receive emails from you with great tips included.  You include your Twitter username and they decide it would be a great idea to follow you on Twitter as well.  They really enjoy chatting to you on there, in a light-hearted fashion, and also like the articles you are posting.  You send through a personalised LinkedIn connection request, which they accept.  They wander past your stand at an exhibition a few weeks later and collect some leaflets.  The following week you bump into them at a networking event and you have a good chat about both your businesses.  You give them a call after to arrange to meet for a coffee, and that is when they state they’d like to buy from you.  Job done!!!!  See how many marketing methods were used in that scenario?

Consider this one… you follow a target on Twitter and speak to them now and again and they occasionally pick up on your links.

In which scenario are they more likely to use your services/buy your product.  Now scenario two would be preferable as it wouldn’t take as much work.  But it’s also much more unlikely than scenario 1.

And remember, your existing customers are much more likely to buy from you than those who have yet to buy from you.  So this really is the hard work that makes the future selling easy!

Social media is great, but make sure you have other pillars of marketing supporting the structure of your business.

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