So you’ve been told Twitter can win you business, you’ve been on it for several months now and…nothing!  Wondering why you’re not winning business with Twitter?  Here’s a few of the common reasons that could be to blame:

1. It’s All About … Me!

Yes Twitter is very much about being you.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be all about you.  If you only go on and post about your personal life and what you’ve got going on, and never reply to others or take an interest in their goings on, you’ll quickly lose followers.  It’s about being social!  Imagine you walk into a party and talk about yourself the whole time you are there.  And I’m sure you’ve met a few of those people and had a few choice words to say about them at the end of the night…!  Make sure you engage with others because sometimes in life, it’s not all about you!

2. No business talk

Yes Twitter is about building relationships, being interesting and engaging with others.  But if you put in all the effort to build great relationships with people on Twitter and they never know what it is you’ve got to offer, it is unlikely to lead to business.  Make sure your bio positively reflects what product or service your business provides.  And broadcast now and again what you’ve got going on in your business so people are aware!  Simply this could be what you’re doing, who you’re helping, how you’re helping them and where you’re helping them.  People will quickly become aware of what you provide, who you provide it to and within what region.  And if you’ve got a great offer, tell people!!  Agreed, you shouldn’t always be selling on Twitter or talking business.  But if you never do it, how can you expect those online to do business with you.  Mix them in to your tweets now and again to encourage those you’ve built relationships with to take the next steps.

3.  Following the wrong people

If you only follow celebs on Twitter and industry experts the other side of the globe, it’s unlikely you’ll ever achieve the success you wish to on Twitter.  Make sure you’re following the people you want to get in front of and taking an interest in them.  Build relationships with key people that are going to lead to business.  Unless you sell sparkly new Range Rovers or fake tan, you won’t get much out of the Only Way is Essex cast!!

4.  You’re selling the wrong thing

If you feel you’re using Twitter perfectly and should now be winning business with it, and are still struggling to get any, maybe it’s what you’re selling that’s the problem.  Does your product or service sell through other marketing methods?  Is it relevant to the time or the target market you’re selling to?  If selling is becoming difficult, start by looking at what you are offering and the messages you are using to sell it.

If you still aren’t sure how you can turn Twitter in to a money making tool, I’m running a course 27th September 1.30-4.30pm on winning business with Twitter.  Find out more here.