“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”  Sound familiar?

The standard LinkedIn text is, well, starting to get a bit tired.  There’s no why!!  WHY do you want to add me to your professional network?!  Because you know me? Because you’d like to offer me a job?  Because you want to sell to me?

Don’t fall into the trap of sending requests with this standard request.  Write your own personal message.  And answer the question why you want to connect with them.

What do you want to achieve with that connection?  Have you met them previously?  If so, state where!

If you’re after connecting with your target market, be direct!  Ask them if they have 3o minutes for you to call in and chat to them within your contact request.  Imagine if you connected with 10 people every day in this manner and 1 said yes!  That’s a meeting with a potential client every day!

I’m a believer in not just connecting with people you already know on LinkedIn.  But if you are connecting with someone you haven’t yet met, then you should definitely tell them why you want to connect.  Don’t fall into the lazy ‘professional network’ habit!