Lists are always being mentioned in business!  To-do list, contact list, marketing list…  Probably because lists are so powerful!

This is definitely true on Twitter as well.  Lists make engaging with the right people and finding the right information so much quicker and easier.

Rather than trawling through your timeline to get to the tweets of the people you need to hear from or the information you’re looking for, lists help go direct to the users you want to hear from.  And you can segregate them according to why you want to go their tweets.

So your lists could contain…

  • industry experts
  • current customers
  • potential clients
  • people you’ve engaged with
  • local influencers
  • networking group members

Your lists have got to work for you, so pick lists that are going to help you become more organised.  And that have a reason to be in existence!!  Industry info, for instance, should help you go straight to any industry news updates, things you could be sending out to your followers and that you should be aware of.

And if you do have a ‘potential client’ list, have a strategy to build relationships with them.  Engage and respond to their tweets.  Similarly with a ‘current customers’ list, connect with them and build on the relationships you’ve already created.  Don’t forget your customers are much more likely to buy from you than those who have yet to use your products or services, so it’s definitely wise to remind them you’re still around!

So, I would definitely recommend you use lists on Twitter and from the start.  Don’t get to the point where you’re following over 1000 people and then having to trawl through them adding them to lists.

You can have up to 20 lists on Twitter and each can contain 500 users.  You can add users to multiple lists.  Websites like Formulists can help take some of the list building hassle away for you!

Happy listing!