LinkedIn is commonly referred to as a professional network and is well known for being great for B2B marketing.  But what about B2C?  Is it worth B2C companies spending time on LinkedIn?

1. People are consumers

As with all social media platforms, LinkedIn is about people.  And what do people make…consumers!!!  This does to a degree depend on what you’ve got to sell.  LinkedIn users are thought to have a higher average wealth than those on Facebook and Twitter.  So if you are selling high end products or services, LinkedIn could be the perfect place to do this.  But how?!  Well how does anyone sell through LinkedIn?  Through engaging!  Find the right people to connect with, tell them why you want to connect, post regular status updates, comment on others’ updates, join relevant groups with your target market in (e.g. location based groups), post discussion points (that don’t sell!), respond to others’ discussions, tell your network when you are running a great offer… There is plenty of activity you can be doing on LinkedIn and, done right, will make you really stand out from the LinkedIn crowd!

2. Start a group

How about running your own group?  Do you have a really niche product or service that opens up avenues for conversation?  For example, if your business is based around crafts you could start a location based crafts group on LinkedIn.  Or if you’re in the beauty industry, you could create a group focused around giving great beauty advice and sharing tips.  Running your own group on LinkedIn will really help to raise your profile amongst the right people!

3. Find the right information

As a business, you will occasionally need the services of other businesses.  LinkedIn could offer the perfect platform for this resource.  Stick any questions you have on the right groups and you can get some great free advice!  Or use LinkedIn answers to get a response!

4. Hire people

LinkedIn really does help with the hiring process.  Stick your jobs on the right groups.  Ask through your updates.  Headhunt by running advanced searches.

5. Get your keywords in

Make sure your profile has the right keywords in.  If people did want to find what you have to offer on LinkedIn, would you come top when they run the search?  Get your keywords in your headline, websites, current and past work experience, your summary and specialities.

Most B2C companies steer clear of LinkedIn, so you could really stand out by marketing your B2C businesses through LinkedIn.  Don’t do this to the sacrifice of Twitter and Facebook though!

Let me know your thoughts!  Has your B2C business had success through LinkedIn?  Is it something you’ll focus more time on in the future?