Stuck for an update to put out on social media? Here’s a simple way to never be stuck again!!! Simply fit it to what, where, who, how and when!

WHAT are you upto?
WHERE are you doing it?
WHO are you doing it with?
HOW are you doing it?
WHEN are you doing it?

Ok I know there’s gonna be a few sniggers here but this really is useful if you’re stuck!

For example, here’s what I’d be putting out there right now….

“Just arrived in Birmingham (where) for day (when) and writing today’s blog post (what) on phone (how) before heading to meet other social media peeps! (who)”

Ok so I kind of stretched this to fit in all the elements! You definitely don’t need to include them all, just those that are relevant.

And you definitely shouldn’t be using this formula for every single one of your updates. Mix it up!

So what, who, where, when and how are you doing?!!!