Today I launched my first product – Win Business With Twitter online course! It’s a first for me as, up to this point, I have only been a service provider!

I’m implementing lots of methods in marketing the product and it’s going to be vital for me to know which forms of marketing offer the best return so I can maximise these methods and minimise others.

This means keeping track. And not just by asking customers who buy where they heard about the course, but knowing exactly where they’ve come from when they buy.

On social media, the simplest method of doing this is with Google URL builder.  This tool allows you to create a unique link, including the source so you can track in your analytics how many people came from that source for each campaign.  So for example, I will want a different link to put on Twitter when I am running a specific offer than when the course is at standard price.

Within Google analytics, you can also create goals for conversion to determine how many people who came from that link then bought.

It is imperative that you track your results on social media.  Otherwise, how can you be sure what you are doing is working?

If you want to check out the course, you can find it by clicking here!