I’m going to add a pet peeves category to my blogs, as everyday I see things that really niggle me on social media!  Today, it’s Twitter and the pet peeve is …. using a sentence in a hashtag!

Hashtags are great on Twitter for connecting conversations.  So, for example, I could run a session every Friday afternoon called ‘Ask Sam Flynn’ where people can ask me questions on Twitter using the hashtag #asksamflynn.  Brilliant!  I can find all the questions by searching the hashtags and others can follow both the questions or answers.

Plus, you can sometimes get in to some great conversations by jumping on trending hashtags, such as #mylastdream.

What I really hate though is when people post a full sentence in a hashtag!  After you’ve read this, you’ll notice it loads on Twitter.  I’m talking about the #wishihadnteatenthatlastchip kind of hashtags!  They are long, hard to read and to be fair aren’t going to get you any new followers or in to any new conversations!!  Instead they are just plain annoying!


Let me know what your social media pet peeves are below!!!