I’m not going to go into some convoluted handwriting psychology!  In fact, I’m going to address something I get asked very often!

How do I add my social media accounts to my email signature?

It’s really important you include your social media accounts in your email signature.  This makes it easy for everyone who receives an email from you to also follow you, connect with you, like your page, etc!

Firstly, I’d definitely use icons over wording.  I.e. don’t have Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/_SamFlynn.

Instead have…



Click on this icon and you should land on my Twitter profile!  Much more aesthetically pleasing!

So, here’s the process to get clickable icons on your email signature in Outlook 2010.

1. Find the icons you want to use.  Iconfinder is brilliant for social media icons!  Just search for the one you’re looking for!

2. Go to ‘file’ in the top right hand corner, and then click ‘options’.












3. Select ‘Mail’ and ‘Signatures’

4. Select to create a new signature or edit an existing one.

5. Add the content you want to appear (e.g. your name, telephone number, website, etc.)

6. Add your icons by clicking on the image symbol

7. Select the file where you saved your icon

8. Click on the icon and click the link symbol


9. Copy the link from the social media profile in question.  On Twitter this will be http://www.twitter.com/(YourUsername).  For your Facebook page, this is likely to be http://www.facebook.com/(YourFBPageName) or just go to your page and copy the link.  For LinkedIn, go to your profile then copy the ‘public profile’ link that will appear just under your Twitter username.

10.  Hey presto!!  Decide when you want the signature to appear, i.e. for new messages or replies/forwards.  Send yourself a test email and check the link works!  You can add a number of icons in this same manner so they sit side by side.  I simply use a ‘space’ between my icons to spread them out a little.

Hope that helps!!!