So the second in my pet peeves series of blogs!!!  This one’s all about the spam that is dominating the direct message inbox of many Twitter users recently.

The spam messages go something along the lines of…

“There is a rumor/bad blog going around about you (link) might want to check it out…”

“There is a really bad blog going around about you (link)….”

“Is this you in this photo/video? (link)…”

You get the idea!!!

Not only is it annoying that these appear in your inbox, but also that they keep reappearing as more and more people click on the link and get hacked themselves.

Don’t click on any links you receive in your direct message inbox!  If you think it might be a valid comment and link, ask the person who sent it first.  Tell them you’ve suffered from a lot of spam lately and want to check that they definitely sent you that message.

If you’ve been hacked, make sure you change your password to avoid future problems.  If you can’t access your account, request to reset your password.