Happy Halloween!!!!

Hope you’re having a suitably spooky day and getting scared at every opportunity!!

So, are you embracing Halloween on social media?  Here’s a few ideas for getting in the spooky spirit!!

1. Change your pic

I’m sure you’ve got at least one pic from the last few years when you’ve been dressed up as something frightening for Halloween! Change your profile pic on Twitter to this for the day! Bound to raise a few interesting conversations!

2. Run a spooky costume competition

There’ll have been loads of Halloween parties going on over the weekend!  Why not run a competition on your Facebook page offering something free for all those who post a spooky pic on your Facebook page?!

3. Write a scary blog post!

If you’re someone who struggles for blog content, today has many titles offered up on a plate!  Just put ‘spooky’ or ‘scary’ in front of your industry title – e.g. ‘Spooky accounting’, ‘scary golfing’!  Then write a blog post that fits with that title (generally about that industry gone wrong!  Or you could even share a ghost story!).

4. Engage!!

There’s going to be loads of people on social media talking about Halloween today! So start talking! This is an easy ‘in’ with people you’ve previously been watching from afar but haven’t yet spoken to .  Time to start building some relationships!  So start replying to Halloween posts of others!

Get creative!  With every ‘holiday’ you should look to how you can take advantage of it on social media!

Have a scarrrryy Halloween!!!