The beauty industry is set up so perfectly to benefit from what social media has to offer.

Every day customers are enjoying treatments and pampering at the UK’s best beauty salons and spas.  Who better to spread the good word about these businesses?  And there is always loads of great information and offers that the beauty industry can be sharing to attract new customers.

This has lead me to set up an area of my business focused solely on this industry.  Just Beauty Social Media provides packages for the beauty industry.  This includes training and social media management, for those businesses who don’t have someone to dedicate the time within the business to taking advantage of what social media can offer the beauty industry.

For any businesses within the beauty industry, I am offering a reduced rate training package for businesses that book their training date for the month of December!  There are only 12 training days available (the 12 days of Christmas!).  There are more details here!

If you know of any businesses within the beauty industry that could benefit from this training, please let me know!