New Year new start? Right? Well that’s what most people cling on to as the countdown ends and the clock strikes 12. This is going to be the year I lose weight, stop smoking, become a millionaire, etc, etc!!!!  Which is why I’m not really one for resolutions!  If you really wanted to do any of those things you’d just do them surely?  Why wait to the turn of another year?!

That said, I understand that the new year does offer a turning point and a chance for reflection, regrouping and re-energising!  So, what would you like to do this year with your social media activity that you never got off the ground last year?  Is it time to:

  • get involved in more LinkedIn discussions
  • build a landing page for your Facebook page to encourage likes
  • engage more on Twitter and build conversations with key contacts
  • set up a Google+ account and start utilising this new major social media platform
  • produce more videos to load to your YouTube channel
  • add your social media links to your website

Ideally all these things should be in place!  But work through them bit by bit and you will get them all done and start seeing the results.

The thing is, I’ve got some bad news for you… 2012 isn’t going to be an easy year.  The economy is not going to dramatically change and business isn’t going to flood in.  UNLESS you do something about it!!!  I read a great book over the Christmas break –  Donald Trump’s “Think Big”.  There was one quote that really stuck out to me – “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.  Those businesses who are breaking through difficulty and bringing in the business are the ones that are still marketing, and marketing even more!  They’re staying in contact with their customers and delivering great value without having to slash their prices.

Don’t make resolutions this new year, make promises! Promise that this will be the year, the month, the week and even the day, that you really start to utilise social media and seeing the returns it can offer.

Wishing your a very successful, prosperous and happy 2012!!