I’m hosting an event on the 26th January for Manchester businesses (Get Manchester Business Booming) and have been marketing it for only a week.  In that week, I’ve had 61 people sign up for the event!  I’m also running the same event next month, so what is imperative is that I use the marketing methods that have worked best MORE and those that worked well LESS (or at the very least change the approach).  This means I won’t be wasting my time, and in some cases money, on marketing methods that aren’t working.

Which leads me to a really important point!  Do you know where your business is coming from?  Do you know if ads you place are seeing a return, or that your social media activity is leading to enquiries?

I’m marketing the event through Eventbrite, which is a great site for registering your event delegates.  Eventbrite allow you to copy pages, so why would I have only one page when I can have loads!!!  I have 12 different Eventbrite pages for the same event, using a different page for each method of marketing!  As a result, I know exactly which marketing methods are showing the most success and which are seeing little return.

The other important lesson there is that I am using 12 methods of marketing and not just one or two!

How do you measure marketing success in your business?

Get Manchester Business Booming on 26th January is now full, but we will be running it again in February!  Book your place here!