You can definitely THRIVE!!!!

There’s a real feeling at the moment that businesses are doing well if they keep their heads above water!  But if we’re all ‘keeping our heads above water’ rather than soaring through the skies, how are we going to grow the economy?!

Yesterday, I hosted an event for around 50 local business owners here in Manchester!  Everyone left with a positive outlook on how to grow their business in the current economy!  We really are going to Get Manchester Business Booming!!

We looked at things like the 7 musts of effective marketing (you should definitely have at least 12 different methods of marketing!), managing our time (the more you can get done, the more you will achieve!), WOWing our customers (make them talk about you and keep coming back for more!), doubling our profits (stop charging such low prices!) and social media success (it’s time to listen and engage!)!!

Everyone went away with at least one thing they could implement in their business straight away to make a real change.  And many also signed up for the Entrepreneur’s Circle trial membership so they can continue to discover ways to grow your business!

And you can grow too!  Tough times always bring new opportunities!  You just need to work hard to find them!

If you want to join us at our next local Entrepreneur’s Circle meeting, and join the 4000+ members throughout the UK in growing your business, you can trial Entrepreneur’s Circle membership for only £4.95!!  For little more than the price of a coffee, you CAN grow your business!