It has been the week of love!!!  The time when usually non-romantics get their time in the spotlight!!  But how romantic is your business?

You may think it’s completely mad to be a ‘romantic business’, but surely the more you love your customers, the more they’ll want to spend with you!

Social media offers you loads of opportunities to love your customers!  Here’s a few ideas!

1. Respond to their updates

Make them feel listened to my responding to their updates!  Comment on their Facebook fanpage posts.  Add all  your potential customers to a list on Twitter so you can quickly see what they’re saying and respond accordingly!  Everyone loves feeling listened too, and you get the added bonus of reminding them you exist!

2. Respond to their requests

When they are asking for help on social media, be the one who provides it!  And take it offline too!  If they’ve got an issue that you know the answer to, pick up the phone and let them know.  If they’re looking for a provider, see who you’ve got in your database that could help and then connect them!

3.  Take note of occasions

Many people will announce important occasions on social media, so listen out for them!  Their birthday?  Send them a card and a small gift (or a gift voucher that allows them to come back and spend more with you!).  Business start-up anniversary?  Send them a bunch of flowers or a bottle of champagne?  Not feeling too well?  Send them a box of chocs to make them feel better!  Show that you genuinely care about them and their business!

4.  Look for those ‘magic moments’ to WOW!

If you really tune in to what you customers are saying on social media, you can create some really good opportunities to WOW them!  Moaning about how they’re in desperate need of a coffee?  Send them a Starbucks gift set!  Mentioned a book they’d like to read?  Send them it!  Talking about a film they want to go see?  Send them some tickets!!  All of these actions cost little money yet make really loyal customers who will definitely come back and spend more with you, and talk about you too!!!  Do the things that other businesses wouldn’t and you’ll really stand out from the crowd!  Make sure when you are sending something in the post that you include a note and a copy of their update so that they understand what it’s all about!

When you show your customers some love, it will definitely come back on you to help you grow your business!!  What a lovely unique way to be using social media!!

Do you use social media to show your customers some love?  Let us know below!!