Facebook pages automatically convert to the new timeline layout on 30th March.  So, are you ready?

Here’s a quick overview of some of the changes you need to get yourself ready for!

1. Cover Image

Your Facebook page will need to include a large cover image that sits at the top of your page.  This is your opportunity to really dazzle people as soon as they land on your page.  The image should be no more than 851×315 pixels.  Facebook also have strict rules around what can be included in this cover image.  It should not contain any calls to action, contact details, or arrows pointing to like or share.  This can seem somewhat limiting when the majority of businesses use their Facebook page as a marketing tool, but it simply requires you to be more creative and stand-out with your cover image!  For example, checkout Apple’s cover image below.  They are not breaking the rules and yet creatively marketing the new iPad3.


2. Profile Picture

You will also need a profile picture, that will be displayed with all your updates.  While it is great to keep changing your cover image to keep your page fresh, the profile picture should remain pretty constant to ensure recognition.  The photo you add her needs to be at least 180×180 pixels.  You can incorporate your profile picture in to your cover image design, as it slightly overlaps with your cover image.

3. Pin to Top

Posts you make can be pinned to the top of your page, so that they are the first post that is seen when people land in your page.  It stays pinned for 7 days or until you pin another update.  This is a great opportunity if you a running a campaign, or have some instructions you want people to take when landing on your page.

4.  Highlight

You can also highlight posts so that they expand across the width of your Facebook page.  These can make your Facebook page look visually stunning and can also be used to make special events or updates stand out.  Imagery looks particularly good when highlighted.

There are many more changes coming to Facebook pages on March 30th!  Make sure your page is ready!

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