The businesses that are really thriving in this economy, are the ones who are taking their marketing to another level!  It’s true in business that the people most likely to buy from us are our friends, families and associates.  And yet, so many businesses miss out on this and try a scatter gun approach to their marketing, shooting out to as many people as possible and building zero relationships.

Relationship marketing techniques allow you to build relationships with your target market and turn them into loyal return customers.  People buy people after all!  Despite how often we hear that, businesses still focus on more traditional marketing techniques!

Social media is a quick and free way to really plunge into relationship marketing techniques.  At the simple level, you can build relationships with people you wouldn’t generally meet face-to-face.  You can also converse with them daily and take an interest in their content.  This means you should never forget the ‘social’ in social media.  Don’t hide behind a logo, get your face on there!  Let people know who they’re talking to!  Use your full name rather than your business name.  Use other people’s first names when you’re replying to updates.  Make people feel like you value their content.  And look for those moments when you can create real wows, taking note of what people are saying and acting on them.  For instance, how many birthdays do you spot on social media?  Send a card!!  So many won’t and yet it’s a really cheap way of WOWing someone and building a solid relationship with them!

In the social media masterclass, we look at ways that you can use relationship marketing techniques on social media!  Book your place here!

Leave your comments below if you use social media to build relationships or have been on the receiving end of some brilliant relationship marketing techniques!