The headline on your LinkedIn profile sits under your name and gives the viewer instant information about what it is you do.  If you do not update your headline yourself, LinkedIn automatically create it from your current position.  To change it, simply click on the edit button next to your name.  But, why bother?!

1. Search Results

When people run searches on LinkedIn, the search results shown for each person are their name, picture and headline.  So, this instantly gives an indication of whether someone should click through.  It is your first opportunity to tell them more about you, so use it!

2. What do you do?

If your business name bears no resemblance to what it is your business does, then ‘owner of XYZ Ltd’ does not give an instant description to the viewer.  Your headline should almost be like your elevator pitch – a simple indication of what you do.

3. Keyword Searches

People will search LinkedIn for providers.  The order of search results is then based on connection to the person and keywords. The more times the keywords appear in your profile, the higher you are likely to appear in the search results.  The headline offers a great opportunity to get your keywords in, so use the opportunity!

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