Who is more likely to buy from you?

1.  The consumer who hears from you regularly, who enjoys reading your content, who trusts your expertise, who feels they can ask for your help and advice, who feel that they know you despite never having met you, or…

2.  The consumer who has never heard of you, who has had no recommendation of your services, and who has come across you by chance???

It’s not a trick question!  Of course it’s the first option!

The mistake many businesses make in using social media is that they are looking to build up a customer base instead of looking to build a community.  A community is a group of people with similar needs and wants that congregate around something – i.e. your business!!!!

So, treat your social media fans and followers as your community.  Give them lots of value.  Respond to their concerns.  Build conversations.  Take an interest in them.  The more in touch with your community you are, the more business you will do within that community.

So, take the time today to build your online community.  Set yourself one task today that will help to consolidate your community and build its relationship with you.  Trust me, your business will thank you for it!