With so many people now using social media, it is key that you focus in on your target market if you plan to generate business through social media.

But, do you know who your target market is?!

It’s crazy how many businesses are taking blind aim at their market.  They have no idea who they are or where they hang out!  You need to get laser-sharp focus on your target market if you are to have any success with social media, or any other form of marketing for that matter.

When I ask clients who their target market is I often get “small business”, “SMEs”, “people in Manchester” or, the absolute worse, “anyone!!!!”

This really isn’t focused enough!  Sure it’s easy to find anyone, but it’s also very difficult to please anyone!!  For instance, it’s much better to say your target market is stressed and disorganised Managing Directors who are struggling to keep their employees motivated.  They are married with 2 children, drive an Audi and are kept awake at night with worries that this month’s figures are lower than last month’s.  They have very little time to spend with family, let alone keep fit and look after themselves.  They feel that they are attracted to the new shiny forms of marketing without having a real grasp of how it’s going to benefit their business.  They’d feel so much better if they had more of a grasp of where the business is going and how the full workforce can contribute to that.

Much better than saying your target market is SMEs!!

Suddenly, opening up your target market gives you a lot more opportunity to find and speak to them specifically on social media.  Who cares about anyone outside of this target, they don’t need to find you interesting!

So, get clear on your target market!  Answer the following questions and you’ll be on your way there!

1. How old are they?

2. What is their annual income?

3. What is their role that earns them this income?

4. Could you pull them in to a certain group (e.g. small business owner, new mum, divorcee)

5. Where would you find them?

6. How much free time do they get?

7. How do they spend their free time?

8. What do they want?

9. What do they need?

10.  What keeps them awake at night?

11. What are they frustrated by?

12. How would they like their life to be?

13. How much do they know about what you offer?

Answering these questions will take you closer to using social media (and all other forms of marketing) to focus on the people you are trying to speak to.

Can you think of any other questions that you could ask yourself to get clearer on your target?  Let me know your thoughts below!