I’m absolutely gripped by the Olympics at the moment!

The effort that Olympians go to in their training is absolutely immense!  So many of them talk of never taking a day off training (even Christmas day!).  Everything is geared towards their success from what they eat (Michael Phelps gets through a whopping 13,000 calories a day!) to their mindset.  It’s so much more than just training their body!

It really does remind me of business.  It definitely requires a lot of effort, but is so much more than just the every day doing.  It’s what you learn, what you implement, what you pass on to others to do, what you set out to achieve and how your mind allows you to do it.

Could you honestly say you put as much effort in to your business’ success as Olympians put in to their medal winning hopes?

On a social media note, so many people tell me they don’t have time to use social media.  Do you think an Olympian would say they don’t have time to put in that extra bit of training?  Another excuse is lack of knowledge when it comes to social media.  Do you think an Olympian would not bother putting in the time to learn the best techniques of their discipline?

It really has made me think, seeing the true grit of our fellow countrymen as they put in all their effort to winning for both their own glory and that of our country.  It has definitely made me look inward as to whether I’m doing the very best for my business and others around me that are affected by my success.

Let me know whether you think you could put in the same effort by leaving your comments below!