The other day I blogged about the amazing effort our Olympians put in to their success and the energy they exert in their respective competitions.

But another key business message has been highlighted to me from these immense games – how important it is to have amazing support!

We have just bypassed our Beijing Olympics medal tally and many of our amazing medal winners have spoken about the crowd support giving them that extra push.  I was listening to an interview with Alastair Brownlee, who won gold in the triathlon.  He said his ears were literally ringing, the noise from supporters was that great, and he found an energy he didn’t know he had!  So many others have mentioned how the noise of the crowd powered them on to take the medal.

So, do you surround yourself with supporters who shout loud enough to push you on to making that extra effort?  Do the people around you cheer loudly when you achieve your goals?  Do they will you on to take that step you’ve been considering?

Or do the people around you question your decisions?  Do they discount them and find ways that they won’t work?  Do they ignore your goal achievements?

The more you surround yourself with the cheering supporters, the more you will see your business soar!

Take a look around you today.  Do you have enough people shouting loudly for you and supporting you at every step?

Be great to hear your comments!