Who would you rather be around?  Someone who can always offer an upside to any challenges you face, or someone who incessantly moans and groans about the woes of life?!

Bit of a rhetorical question really!  No one likes a moaner and, worse still, they have a tendency to drag you down with them.

Instead, people like to crowd around positive people.  These people seem to have a ray of sunshine emitting from them at all times, attracting others to them.

So, don’t be that person who uses social media as a moaning board.  Don’t be the person who puts competitors down.  Don’t be the person who talks only of the terrible weather.  Don’t be the person who posts links to negative news.  Don’t be that person, because that person does not attract people to them.  They push people away!  And you’ll have no success on social media, or in business in general, if you are that person!