Excuses are rife from the day we start talking!  There’s always a but!  “I’d love to be slimmer, but…”, “I could have finished it, but…”, “I’d like to grow my business, but…” and “I know I should be doing more with social media, but…”.  I bet you’ve heard one of them coming out of your own mouth or those of others at some point!

The fact is, when you make excuses, you don’t make money!!  I know which I’d rather be making!

Excuses hold us back.  They stop us doing the stuff we should be doing.  And they stop us living the life we want to live.

So, get to the bottom of your excuse.  Why can’t you grow your business?  What are the real reasons?  Why can’t you win more business with social media?  What are the real reasons?

If you search for the real reason behind every ‘but’, you’ll often find the finger pointing back at yourself.  As soon as you take ownership of what YOU can achieve, the excuses will fall by the wayside!

Do you find excuses hold you back?  Do you feel yourself saying ‘but’ far too often?!  Let me know your thoughts below!