Did you see the amazing jump from space that Felix Baumgartner did on Sunday?  Literally out of this world!!!  I’m very fearful of heights, so to have the guts to do that just absolutely astounds me!!!  So, it got me thinking of a few social media lessons we could all take away from Felix’s actions!

1. Get out of your comfort zone!

There’s no doubting that jumping from over 128,000ft requires the need to step out of your comfort zone.  I’m sorry but if that’s in your comfort zone, you should be sectioned!!  I’m a big believer that when you step out of your comfort zone great things happen.  And, in fact, I now like to think of it as expanding my comfort zone rather than stepping out of it!

Many social media users focus solely on posting updates and engaging with people they already know.  But, if you expand your social media comfort zone and start talking to people you’ve never met before, the effects are crazy!  So, expand that comfort zone and take 5 minutes now (well, after you’ve read the rest of the email!) to engage with at least 8 people you’ve never spoken to before!!

2. It takes a while to get up there!

The balloon ride up took 2.5 hours, compared to less than 10 minutes for Felix to get back to earth!  With social media, many users give up too soon.  It does take some time to build up your online reputation and the relationships you need to allow for social media success.  So, don’t go expecting to instantly win thousands of pounds of new business straightaway.  If you do, bonus!  If not, keep at it and build your reputation.  The rewards will come!  Just like they did for Felix in those short 10 minutes!

3. Preparation is key

Felix and his team have been in preparation for those 10 minutes back to earth for 7 years!  Because without effective preparation, the mission would have been a complete failure.  You need to have a plan and strategy as to how social media is going to work for your business.  Without this, you’re really just ‘having a go’ and ‘seeing if it works’, which invariably is likely to mean it won’t!!  Get a strategy in place and stick to it.  There’s no way Felix would have jumped out of that pod 7 years ago just to ‘give it a go’ and ‘see what happens’!

4. Learning is essential

In those 7 years of prep, Felix and his team learnt lots of new things that could help them make the mission a complete success.  They worked through each element and learnt as much as they could to guarantee their success.  And they then went and implemented what they learnt!  Simple right?!  Yet it amazes me how few businesses take time to learn how to use social media effectively.  They just jump in with both feet without having a clue how they can win business through it.  There’s no right or wrong way to use social media.  But for businesses, there are ways to guarantee success and ways to guarantee failure!  So, learn and head for success!!

Which brings me on nicely to….

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And, with 150 people in the room, it’s going to be an inspiring event!

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So, come on, time to take that huge leap!  See, it doesn’t seem that big after Felix set the precedent!


An ‘inspired by Felix’ Sam!

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