Ever been in a really negative mood?  Bet your business has suffered because of it!  It’s so important to be positive in business (so much so, as I’m writing this, I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before!!).

Negativity really does nothing in helping you break through to where you want to be.  Yet every day I see people being negative on social media.  They are focusing on negative news.  Moaning about the state of the economy.  Putting down their competitors.  However the negativity comes across, it doesn’t look good!

And negativity is not going to be something that brings you good results!  The more negative you are, the more your results will be!  So, every time you post on social media, do it with a smile on your face!  Think of all the great things in life!  Focus on the good in your business and not the bad in others.  Help people out.  Be the smiley person that people would love to be around and do business with.

Now, I’m not pretending to be some shiny happy clappy person who loves everything in life!  I know I will have put out the odd negative comment without thinking it through.  But the odd one will slip away.  Do it every day and it will become a habit.

If you struggle to feel positive, read a positivity book or get the audio book and listen to it on your way to the office!  I definitely recommend Jeffrey Gitomer’s ‘Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude’.

See where you can spread some cheer today!!  Your business will thank you for it!