Everyone loves Christmas!!  And if you don’t then bah humbug to you!!!

Why do we love Christmas?  Because we get to have fun, take some time off work, spend time with our family and celebrate all that we’ve achieved over the year.

Christmas parties are in full swing and there’s generally a lovely feeling in the air.

It always makes me wonder why we can’t have this positivity of feeling all year round!  Why do we need a celebration to remind us of how important our family and friends are, and how we love to have fun?!

So, I want you to start thinking of how you can have more fun on social media in 2013!  How can you make it something you enjoy doing for your business, rather than a necessary chore?  How you can add the element of positivity to your updates?  How can you get people engaged with you and encourage fun and laughter?

Because, the more you promote positivity and fun, the more people will gravitate towards you, and the more business you will get through social media.  Plus, you’ll have the great side effect of enjoying it more yourself!

So, get on social media and spread that festive cheer!!!