The Christmas break is nearly here!!  But are you in a blind panic as to what you’re supposed to do with your social media activity over Christmas?

If, like me, you’re having a two week break over the Christmas/New Year season, then your social media activity is bound to take a dip.  But fear not, you’re online reputation will not suffer!!

While I will preach the virtues of being consistent in your social media activity and posting regularly, I am also a firm believer in the power of the break!  We all need a break every now and again, and that includes from technology and social media!

So, don’t fret if you’re worried about keeping up your tweeting every day over Christmas.  Here’s a few guidelines to help you keep on top of your activity without spending too much time on it.

  1. Stop selling – unless you sell something seasonal or have great offers on as soon as the Boxing Day turkey sandwiches are being scoffed, then don’t be selling over the Christmas period.  Why?  Because very few people will be looking to buy at this time if you don’t fit within these two categories!  And, when you sell to people who aren’t in a position to buy, all you are doing is pushing them away.
  2. Be personable – there’s no more social time of year than Christmas.  So, instead of worrying about posting business messages, instead just keep it really personable.  Wish your followers a happy Christmas, comment on the Christmas TV, let them know you’re sick of turkey leftovers, whatever it might be!  It doesn’t feel half as much a chore then if you’re simply being a sociable person!  Plus, being sociable is great for building solid business relationships!
  3. Schedule – got a few key messages you still want to go out but don’t want to have to think about it?  Then schedule them through a platform like Hootsuite.  While you’re busy drinking sherry and singing carols, the updates will be going out!!  Just make sure you have a quick check in for any responses!
  4. If you want to have a complete break, have one!!!  Just tell people on social media that you’re taking a well earned break to spend time with family and that normal service will resume in the New Year!

 You’ll definitely be seeing much less of me online over the festive period as I take a well earned rest!  So, there will be no blog for the next two weeks!!!  See you in 2013, and have a fantastic, fun and restful Christmas!!