When I plan 1:1 training sessions with businesses, I send them through a number of questions, one being “What do you want to achieve with social media?”. The results are pretty much the same every time – more leads, more customers, brand recognition, more subscribers, etc.

It’s a very rare day that someone includes anything about their current customers. But, if you’re not following/connecting with, listening to and responding to your customers on social media, you’re missing a trick!

You see, it is much easier to sell to those who have already bought from you than to bring in new customers.
So, how can you keep in touch with customers via social media?

1. Encourage them to follow/like/connect
When they’ve bought from you, make sure you’re telling them where they can find you online!

2. Go and find them yourself
And why not look for them yourself on social media! If you’re unsure of their usernames and links, ask them! Tell them you like to keep in touch with your customers online and can they provide you with their Twitter profile/Facebook page links.

3. Create lists
Create a list on Twitter called ‘customers’ and engage with this list every day! Reply to their updates, take an interest in what they have to say, and retweet anything they say that you think would also be of interest to your following.

4. Comment on their Facebook pages
If your customers are other businesses, go and comment on their Facebook page posts by using Facebook as your business (click on ‘use Facebook as’ in the admin section of your page).

5. Recommend them
If they paid on time, were a pleasure to work with, communicated effectively, etc. then recommend them on LinkedIn!

6. Follow their business
Go follow their business page on LinkedIn, and if they post regularly, then comment!

7. Run searches and Google alerts
Are your customers singing your praises without you knowing about it? Or are they saying negative things about you without you having a clue. Make sure you are running Twitter searches and Google alerts for your company name to keep in the loop of any online feedback. And respond appropriately!

The overall message is please do not ignore your customers! Without them your business would be nothing more than a hobby, so engage with them and build relationships with them online! Now go and serve thy customer!!!