I don’t know if I’m the first person to use this ‘word’, but I’m claiming it anyway!!!

Brandonality is where you are your brand!! When people think of your business, they don’t think of a logo or an ethos. They think of YOU! Need an example, then take a look around my site! Everything is about me, because I am a brandonality! My personality is my brand, and it is through getting to know me that people want to do business with me. I am Sam Flynn Social Media!

So, if people think of you before they think of your business name, you are a brandonality! This doesn’t just relate to small businesses with few or no employees. What’s the first thing you think of when Virgin is mentioned – Richard Branson right? And why did Duncan Bannatyne call his gyms Bannatyne’s?

If you are a brandonality, representing the brand of your business, then you must reflect this on social media. Your profile pictures should be you and not your logo. You should convey way more than what your business is upto. Share more about you. I work off the ratio 50% business, 50% non-business in my Twitter updates. This means people get to know Sam Flynn the person, as well as what I do in business. The result if that people are much more likely to want training, as they feel confident enough that they already know me and can TRUST me.

Often I meet people who start chatting to me as if they’ve known me for ages, asking me about things I’ve shared online. If I occasionally wear my glasses when meeting people for the first time, they often comment that they didn’t recognise me with my glasses on, when we’ve never even met before!

And the great thing about being a brandonality is that there are no two identical personalities, we are all different! So it gives you great differentiation from your competition. Where there is no brandonality, comparisons are made on price or case studies. When there is a brandonality, you are the distinction!

So, if you feel you’re a brandonality for your business, it’s time to get yourself out there as one!!