One of the often overlooked benefits to businesses of using social media effectively, is the media opportunities that come about as a result.

Journalists and media agents are now sourcing social media to speak to experts on a range of topics. It’s much easier than going through the Yellow Pages!!

This week I was interviewed for a BBC3 documentary on addiction to social media! This came about as a result of the media company finding my Facebook business page!

I’ve also appeared in national publication More Magazine, which came through Twitter. And I’ve been on Radio 5Live twice, which also emerged through social media!

So, what press opportunities could you be missing out on by not using social media in the right way?

The key is to be the expert. Don’t just post sales messages, as this will not attract media types! Instead post insights, advice and link to good content. Back that up with credibility by talking about what happens in your business day to day, and the work you are doing for clients.

And don’t wait for journalists and media companies to follow you. Go follow them! Engage in conversation with them. Make yourself known.

Look forward to seeing you on the TV soon!!