Data CaptureI’m sure you’ve worked really hard to build up an amazing online reputation with those who follow and connect with you. But are you doing enough to market to these people and businesses through other means?

Capturing data through social media is an important way to add your social media fan, followers and connections to your database. While social media may not be the place to do direct marketing, emails and direct mail is!
So, have you got strategies in place to capture leads through social media?

One of the simplest ways to capture leads is through offering a free white paper or report. You can then ask for name and email address for this to be emailed and for you to capture the info you need. This also prequalifies your leads, as they are unlikely to download this unless they are interested in the subject matter.

You could also host a free webinar. These cost very little to put on (in fact your first month with gotowebinar is free!), but lots of people will sign up. Even if they don’t turn up on the day, you have their contact details to continue marketing to them.

On Facebook, you can create an app that leads people to these. And you could even direct your Facebook ads directly to the ad.

It’s imperative that you have these in a prominent place on your website too. Then when people are browsing your website, they are able to leave their details in return for an incentive. This is particularly important if you are writing a blog and sending people to read it through social media.

It’s definitely worth having lead capture systems in place. I guarantee the result will be that you’ll get more business through social media when you do!